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Momo's depression reaches the critical point and devises a way to spend personal time with Rito. Because Rito is frequently discussed by the morals committee and Momo lives with him, Momo will not be safe from Rito.

Later, Rito receives a message from Momo to meet her in the storage shed.

Do you know why so many anime feature ear cleaning? Don't doctors here say it's potentially dam...― You know the overused comedy scene where a character sprints at full tilt toward a bus stop or train station, only to watch helplessly as their chosen form of transportation rolls away without them?

That actually happened to me ...― Just one year after My Hero Academia's first season began, its sequel came barreling out the gate, offering a smorgasbord of new heroic adventures.

Momo deeply caresses him and daydreams Rito becoming sexually active with her.

Momo continues to seduce Rito until Momo's club finds out thanks to Mea.

I was excited to see the adaptation continue, but also wary about a repeat of the first se...― After going light on narrative substance in its first half, WWW.

Wagnaria tries to put some meat on the story's bones in this set.

As members, the club will dedicate themselves into helping Momo out.

The club attacks Rito for kidnapping Momo, but Momo blasts back and forces the club to apologize to Rito.

In the end, Momo blames Mea for ruining the moment and wonders how she can successfully win Rito's heart. Yami starts telling Rito about her past, explaining how she was created by a woman named Tearju Lunatique; she was created from her cells, therefore Yami is similar to her and sees Tearju as her mother.

She doesn't know what happened to Tearju and also notes that the society was destroyed when the Devilukes unified the universe.

Rito demands a revenge, which confuses Yami given that Rito is her target.

However, Tearju was taken away from Yami by the association that had asked to create Yami.

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