Wsus not updating status


Other versions of Outlook will be similar, but with slightly different way of getting to the 'Account Settings' window).

Hi We have a WSUS server 6.2.9200 running on windows 2012 Standard and about 500 PCs using it for updates. About half of PCs updating fine but there are a lot with Updates with errors and/or Updates needed.

Outlook (various versions) seems to hit a problem when sending large emails.

wsus not updating status-65wsus not updating status-1wsus not updating status-46wsus not updating status-87

The solution is to extend the amount of time Outlook will wait until it deems the sending to have failed.

Since we made that registry change some computers have not connected to the WSUS server.

It appears that when you manually do a Windows Update "Check for Updates" it will then find our WSUS server.

These are fresh server installs, they have just been installed straight from a disk image created November of last year.

If I run a report on one of the servers and I set the product filter to "Windows Server 2016" I get 31 updates installed or not applicable. The status for all of them is "Not Applicable" They are all Critical updates and Security Updates.

WSUS will detect but not send updates to any of the 2016 servers.

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