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Distance wore that relationship down and Holly decided to break up with Mark and play around with someone who lived in LA - despite thinking Mark was really interesting and being totally into their obsession with texting when on different coasts.

This time, the Nationals offense backed him up, as well. After going 0 for 13 throughout the series, Turner’s double in the third inning was a welcome sight for the Nationals.

“The Capitals’ Game 7 loss to the Canadiens in 2010 has no bearing on Thursday’s Game 5,” you might say, to which I might reply, “Yeah, you’re right.” The numbers are the numbers.

Best W: The curly “W” and the letter next to Stephen Strasburg’s name in the box score.

He eventually took third on a Jake Arrieta wild pitch and scored to give the Nationals a 1-0 lead on a Ryan Zimmerman grounder that Addison Russell couldn’t handle.

Brought on in relief of Arrieta, Jon Lester flummoxed the Nationals until the eighth.

Seriously, crumple it into a ball and throw it away, or better yet, toss it into the wind that was whipping throughout Wrigley Field.

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