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This is the week-of-weeks when the official grand viziers of finance gather at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to confab and interpret the lay of animal neck-bones and other auguries scattered in the sand, with the hope of steering the awesome powers of the universe this was or that as they affect the operations of money.

Since nothing else has worked so far to dislodge Trump from the White House, a tumbling tower of stocks might seal his fate.

Obviously, you end up not knowing the value of anything. And since the USA is the straw the stirs the world’s drink — at least for now — the utterances emanating from Jackson Hole may determine which way that situation turns.

We should suppose that the officers of the Federal Reserve are upright, well-intentioned, patriotic people. But the perilous situation is largely one of their own making, and seems to be veering out of their control, and reputations are at stake. This modern Balaam, riding the ass of the Deep State into wickedness, must be stopped, perhaps at all costs.

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Trouble is, the “controlled” part of the demolition.

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