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He starts acting weird, sending emojis which leads Caroline to think he is gay.

To prove her wrong, Max suggests her favorite cheap girl bar, Just Slip it In.

He then comes to the diner and embarrasses himself with a "Manhattan" crop top and "by doing gymnastics in public".

Caroline wants to have sex with Andy, but he can't because he discovered her ex-billionaire identity, due to Max.

He suggests they get an intern to help set up the shop, and that they have mice.

And if you don’t ask your friend and you just go ahead and date them, then that just makes you a truly awful person who clearly doesn’t care about your friend’s feeling, opinions, and well being. But it doesn’t get simpler than this – if you know you’re about to put your friend into a position in which they can’t win, don’t do it. And there may be many reasons why two people who dated ended things, mainly that they obviously don’t see a future together – but that doesn’t suggest that it’s okay to just jump in to bed with someone who your friend was in love with or cared for deeply or was perhaps even just mildly interested in.

She goes there with Andy and she shows Andy and she proves she is sexy, which he believes after giving Jacob an orgasm which resulted in him being in hospital.

Caroline and Max get their blurb in Martha Stewart Living, and she tells Andy about it.

Selena is/was pals with Bella and is definitely friends with her sister Gigi, so the pair know each other, and they absolutely mix in the same circles (the Waterhouse sisters, Taylor Swift, the Jenners.) Now there are many arguments for and against dating a friend’s ex but in this writer’s opinion, you just don’t do it, and the main reason is because you are putting your friend in the most awkward position possible.

If you do ask your friend if they would mind you dating their former loved one, they have two options: either they pretend they’re totally cool with it and let you go on and find your happiness, and they’re left to watch two people they were close to move on without them.

The two musicians look to have found love but now, because we love gossip and live in a world where celebs willingly splash their lives across social media for us, we know that The Weeknd’s ex girlfriend Bella Hadid has unfollowed Selena on Instagram. (Let us make it clear, we are also not cool with The Weeknd making the call to date his ex’s friend – this is not a sexism thing.

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