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But after a while, the relationship began to feel forced, unnatural.

Out in the real world, we couldn't make it work.", the two seemed very much alike, and Ashley was viewed by others in the house as fake, but apparently that wasn't the case. The Zac outside the house is someone that I would be friends with, but not someone that I would date.

When you figured this out, you sort of had a little breakdown.

You knew going into this that everyone was playing a solo game for 0,000.

I felt like in the game of Big Brother there has to be one person that you trust more than anyone and I was drawn to Frankie because he seemed like a great person, and he is a great person, so I put my trust in him. I feel like I did inspire some straight people to embrace gay people. What sort of impact do you think that has, particularly on straight culture? I don’t know, I’m just speaking from my opinion, but I feel like I was kind of a role model for some people on the show who might look at me and say, “wow, Zach’s a really cool guy and he’s best friends with a gay guy, so why can’t I be best friends with a gay guy? He brings great energy, I bring great energy (when we’re with each other there’s I’m trying to find an agent to sign with and I want to go into TV (scripted or unscripted), I’ll do feature films, I’m looking for anything.

He was the one person that I really thought was going to take me to the end. I feel like he had the same intentions as me and he would have had my back more than Frankie. I wanted all my trust in Frankie, though, and I wouldn’t have changed anything if I could go back and do it all over again. I don’t really know the impact it had, however I believe that there’s a lot of potential for huge impact. you know, let’s be real—guys give other guys massages. ” We don’t know the impact it’s going to have on the world, but it’ll definitely be a positive one. I’m looking for a job in front of a camera because clearly I’m at natural!

She's also focusing on herself, and planning for the future.

"A lot of people on these shows are so focused living for the moment, but you really need to think of the things you're doing and how they're affecting their future." Stay tuned to see how Ashley and the rest of Team San Diego do on the Battle of the Seasons, every Wednesday (yes, tonight! Tell us: do you think you could live under the same roof as your ex?

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Past members of "The Real World," "Road Rules," "Are You the One?

I’m obviously straight, I’ve made that clear millions of times, and the fact that I was cuddling with a gay guy, giving him a massage . When he’s not traveling the world with his sister we’ll see each other!

We’re good friends, we talk quite a bit, and whenever we have a chance to hang out we’re gonna hang out, and just chill and bro out. He’s extremely smart, he’s extremely funny, and to me that’s all that matters.

"I had to put my pride aside," Ashley said of going on the show being a little uncomfortable.

"I wanted to be there for my team, and take it like a woman.

"Zac used to tell my mom I was the first one he loved and I would be the last," Ashley remembered. So, when I didn't get the effort I wanted, I ended it." Ashley explained that in most she's been in, like most girls, becomes totally consumed in them and she considers it a flaw of hers.

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