Who is steve jobs dating


Miss Brennan dates this hostile attitude towards women to a transformational trip that Jobs took in 1974 to India with Daniel Kottke, a friend and collaborator on the first Apple computer, after the pair of 20-year-olds became captivated by the book Be Here Now by the American guru known as Ram Dass.Before he died, Jobs said his work had been influenced deeply by his seeing how the people of the Indian countryside relied more on intuition than intellect.

A few months later, Fenty joined the board of College Track.The formative trip is depicted in several key scenes of Jobs, the Hollywood biopic that was released this year.The sojourn also helped him “see the craziness” of the Western world, and turned him on to Eastern mysticism, he later said.Powell Jobs, who inherited the lion’s share of her husband’s billion estate, has her work with College Track, along with a strong interest in the arts and in women’s rights. C.’s mayor from 2006 to 2010, is also keen on educational work.Last year, Fenty began working at Silicon Valley venture fund Andreessen Horowitz, where he works on building relationships with local, state and the federal governments. But if she’s Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, suddenly the rumor climbs a few notches up the scale of newsworthiness.

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