Who is pj harvey dating

I've got the basket and the bent waiting We could play some touch football, what do you say? Matthew: I say, cappuccinos are fine with me on the downtime, but do you kids say to a picnic?Born Polly Jean Harvey on October 9, 1969, in Corscombe, England, PJ spent her early years on her family's farm in rural England.Both of her parents loved music and introduced her to blues, jazz and rock.We took these blindfolds off and we were both covered in hives.“It was a weird way to meet someone – and it’s safe to say it’s pretty much stayed weird since then. ” After their first awkward on-air encounter, falling head over heels was the last thing either of them expected, but as PJ and Michael cuddle up at our exclusive shoot, it’s clear to see the fun-loving duo are serious about one another.“We definitely hit it off straight away,” says Michael,27, who lives on the Sunshine Coast.She is best known for her wide range of musical styles, exploring rock, electronica and folk.Outside of music, Harvey also expresses herself through art.

Vincent: When she says 'jelly' it makes me think of someone's ass, and then I think-- Matthew: How dare you, sir! Vincent: Matthew, I didn't say Bjork I'm just thinking of any ass Not even necessarily a woman, it could be my own ass Like my ass is-- PJ: Vincent you are an ass! “Later that night, Michael told me, ‘I meant what I said today,’ and I replied straight back, ‘I love you too.’ He was like, ‘I meant what I said in the vows, not that I love you! Then the next day he told me, ‘I love your body,’ and I heard it wrong and thought he’d said, ‘I love you, Polly.’ So I said, ‘I love you too’ again!Now, we make our feelings really clear – and we owe it all to the crazy celebrant.” Despite the distance between them, the pair are committed to making their unusual relationship work.“I’d never been to New Zealand before I met Polly and now I’ve been nine times in the past five months,” says Michael.“Jase has known Michael for years, so when a psychic told me I was going to meet a man from Queensland, he organised for us to meet,” laughs bubbly PJ, 25, recalling her first encounter with her Aussie beau, who also works in radio.“We had this set-up date in the studio where we were feeding each other chicken, but we were both allergic to the hot sauce on it.And except for her Birkenstock sandals, she’s a lot more stylish than me!

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