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Being in that kind of relationship and that jump in my career at that age, it was tough.I can’t front arguing at home and going through all of that because we were both young and with both our A-type personalities–but we’re really good peoples now.But even though their relationship didn’t last, they are now very cool with each other and successfully co-parenting Omikaye.Throwback pic of Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams with their son, Omikaye…But I guess she was still affected by it, she did this whole Honey article.[Laughs] He didn’t say that and I got love for D-Nice, that’s my man. I would go over there to pick my son up and we would chop it up.As long as they were happy then that was good.[Mekhi] That’s funny because at the time it wasn’t NBC Universal, they merged years later and she wasn’t even working for them at the time, she was working for another company.Even the most gorgeous actresses have trouble finding 'the one' - as Hollywood star Salma Hayek has admitted, after revealing that, before marrying her husband, she dated people she shouldn't have because she was 'desperate' to find her perfect soulmate.Posing on the cover of Allure's August issue, the 48-year-old actress revealed that when she was younger she was in a hurry to find the person with whom she was going to spend the rest of her life - and because of that desire, she found herself overlooking her previous partners' shortcomings.

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Check out excerpts of him reflecting on his romance with Malinda and new wife.

Although they went on record to let the world know that their marriage was pretty rocky (DETAILS BELOW), they happily co-parent their who is happy, healthy kid and lil’ Omikaye ain’t so little no more, he is 17 years old now and looks like an has even blend of both of his parents’ features. Throwback and current pics of Malinda Williams with she and Mekhi’s son, Omikaye…

Current photo of Mekhi Phifer with he and Malinda’s son, Omikaye (L); his son from another relationship, Mekhi Jr.; and his wife Reshelet (she’s not the mother of his youngest son)…

One thing I’m older, much more mature, much more grounded.

Back in the day I had my boys so we would be running around, going out 3 and 4 times a week getting bottle service, but that was another life.

), had more than just a thing going on like Billy Paul and ‘Mrs.

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