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Instead, they advise these young scholars to remain open to the uncharted territories ahead.

I have no doubt that Malia has already felt the pain and pressure from being challenged by those who believe her race and status solely drive her success.

It's not impossible, it just requires much more planning. I wish I had asked more questions and made better use of my mentors.

I wish I had not been so afraid of not knowing and asking for help when I truly needed it.

Victoria Asbury also earned acceptance to Harvard this year.

She was raised in tough financial and family circumstances: By the time she was 18, she had moved eight times, attended four elementary schools and two junior high schools, and switched high schools three times. Through sheer focus, determination, and willingness to make hard choices, Victoria was admitted to Stanford University. in sociology I enthusiastically wrote her a recommendation. Those of use who know and love her feel the same for Victoria. All the way back to Alberta Virginia Scott, the first African American graduate of Radcliffe College in 1898.

That is definitely a Harvard trait and a hard thing to shake as you get older, but you also start to care less about what people think and understand that the most important is getting the information you need so you can continue to move forward.

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