Who is lee min ho dating in real life

Although she has an elegant and classic style, her charisma is also strong and her acting talent is outstanding.

If we act together, I think I could learn a lot from her. LMH: I would like to meet Hollywood actor, Edward Norton. However, I want to drink with people I'm confortable with and who don't pressure me to drink alcohol. I'll need to take a good bed in order to sleep well.

The drama 'One Well-Raised Daughter' was Park Han Byul's and Jung Woo's first encounter as their drama was meeting with success in both ratings and in love when the two started dating later that same year.

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This was because I already had feelings for her."News is all a buzz lately since it was revealed that 'Blood' lead stars Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun have been dating for over a year now!

Probably one of the most happiest/successful drama-to-reality love couples out there, Eugene and Ki Tae Young really sparked a connection through the 2009 drama 'Creating Destiny.' The two tied the knot and married in July 2011. Maybe these more-than-romantic drama love stories are real after all?

The two lovebirds Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin met during their time filming the 2009 hit drama 'Smile'; however, it wasn't until 2011 that Lee Chun Hee popped the question and the two married!

If I was able to continue playing soccer, maybe I would have been an athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo by now. Even if I'm stuck on the deserted island, I'd need to talk with people on the phone so that I don't get bored. On a deserted island, your food should be cooked - hence the lighter. I would be so bored on a deserted island that I would play with all the games I downloaded to my mobile phone. When i was a child, I listened to a variety of foreign music and I liked the rock genre.

LMH: I like all meats and am good at cooking all meats. Plus, I have a lot of games downloaded on my cellphone. She is elegant and classy and has loads of charisma and possesses excellent acting skills. The top song when I was in school was Seo Taiji and Boys’ “Nan-arayo” ( 난 알아요). I would read what people write about me on my fan page and write my opinions as well. Sometimes I write really harsh reports on myself to push myself. KHJ: It was when I was in the MBC TV show We’ve Got Married.

Sadly, a year later, they parted ways, saying their busy schedules made them drift apart.

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