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She took her third solo stand-up show, Pearl and Dave, to Edinburgh in August 2011.

She appeared at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal in July 2012.

At the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe, Suttie was one of the acts in stand-up showcase The Comedy Zone.

In 2006, she acted in Danielle Ward's Take-a-Break Tales at The Pleasance with Neil Edmond and Emma Fryer.

She began playing the guitar and writing songs at the age of twelve after she was refused saxophone lessons.

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I haven’t thought of anything funny to say about my engagement yet. I will try to avoid standing on stage and just saying, ‘Eeee, I’m engaged’.” Funds raised for the show, which also features comics Stewart Lee and Josie Long , will go towards Street Child’s Girls Speak Out appeal, to help ensure more than 20,000 girls across west Africa go to school and stay in education.

‘It culminated in a bet where if I didn’t end up with a boyfriend in a month I’d go on a date with someone that she’d chosen. I talk a lot in the book about the nature of relationships according to my experience and the fact that I know more unhappy people who are in relationships than aren’t.

This isn’t a book that’s the equivalent of a romcom where I’m all Bridget Jonesy and eventually find someone to live happily ever after with.

“The Actual One is a total delight: the perfect read for anyone who has ever felt frustrated and bewildered by the concept of “The One,” which is to say, probably just about everyone.

Isy Suttie’s stories about dating, drinking, and disaster - sometimes all three at once - made me laugh out loud so often I annoyed the people in my immediate surroundings.” (Katie Heaney, author of Never Have I Ever and Dear Emma)“Suttie’s mix of human observation and self-examination makes her a cross between Lena Dunham and Victoria Wood. Suttie’s writing style is light and creative, and both fans of this British comedian and readers looking for a smart, funny read will speed through her literary debut.” (Booklist)“An entertaining read.” (Publishers Weekly) Isy Suttie wakes up one day in her late twenties to discover that the deal she’d struck with her friends, to put off growing up for as long as possible, had been entirely in her head.

Suttie occasionally duets with folk musician Gavin Osborn and supported Jim Bob on tour in 2010.

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