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Finally, in the national crisis of the exile, the followers of Yahweh went a step further and outright denied that the other deities aside from Yahweh even existed, thus marking the transition from monolatrism to true monotheism.MILES, William (December 13, 1998) William was born in 1777 in VA and m. Becky BUNN (June 28, 1997) Seeking p of Malachi BUNN of Wake and Franklin Co., NC, b ca 1815, m Margaret ROBERTSON, , Franklin Co., NC. Court House, VA, while serving in CSA during Civil War. Bunn WARREN - Seek the parents of John Robert Warren, born Halifax County, NC 3 April 1836. Nola Duffy COALFIELD, JONES, LEWIS, I am researching these names in Halifax County and Cemetery Hill, N. Any information on where to obtain any records on families prior to 1910 is helpful. I would like to know who his wife and children were. My g grandfather, John ROAN was from the second family. Specifically, I am looking for proof that John Hudman married Mary Massey. Colburn RIDLEY (September 3, 1997) Looking for possible descendants and ancestors of GEORGE RIDLEY who lived in Halifax County 1750's. Convergence saw the coalescence of the qualities of other deities, and even the deities themselves, into Yahweh.Thus El became identified as a name of Yahweh, while Asherah ceased to be a distinct goddess, possibly becoming embodied as the feminine aspects of Shekinah.For Yahweh's portion is his people, Jacob his allotted heritage.Despite these passages identifying Yahweh as a son of El or some other affiliated deity, it is clearly shown from very early on, El was already considered synonymous with Yahweh, as merely different names for the same deity, as suggested in Exodus 6:3, despite being originally separate. Smith sees the end of conflation of El and Yahweh as part of the process which he describes as "convergence" in the period of the Judges and the early monarchy, as described in the Tanakh.(A number of scholars have also drawn the conclusion that infant sacrifice, whether to the underworld deity Molech or to Yahweh himself, was a part of Israelite/Judahite religion until the reforms of King Josiah in the late 7th century BCE).

In the earliest literature such as the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15:1–18, celebrating Yahweh's victory over Egypt at the exodus), Yahweh is a warrior for his people, a storm-god typical of ancient Near Eastern myths, marching out from a region to the south or south-east of Israel with the heavenly host of stars and planets that make up his army.Mary FOLK in May, 1804; they lived in Halifax and Northamption Co., NC. 1785, VA, who had a son named Allen KING who moved to GA in hte 1830's and m. I am also interesed in any information on DICKERSON'S FARM and a gentleman by the name of Tom Petty and a slave named Liza and her daughter Josephine. My gg grandfather Jesse ROAN was born in 1871 in Halifax Co. Was she the Mary Massey, widow of Ricard Massey and daughter-in-law of Hezekiah and Lydia Massey, or was she the daughter of Hezekiah and Lydia? He married 1)ELIZABETH WEATHERFORD 2) SARAH VINCENT. Their 12 children were: Thomas Joseph, William E., Martha Miles JONES, James, Benjamin, Samuel, Julia Miles CLEMENT, George, Mary Jennette PUGH, Caroline E. Stephanie (Hudman) Thalman HILL (September 2, 1997) Looking for information on Moses HILL, son of Thomas HILL whose will was probated in Halifax County, NC in Feb. Moses was also son of Comfort ____ and brother of George, Slaughter, James, Nancy, Amos, Thomas, William, Elizabeth and Nanny. Hill GLASGOW, KEETER, PEPPER, WARREN, BASDEN, NEVILLE and HERBERT (September 2, 1997) Looking for these families of Halifax Co., NC. Children were Howell, James, William, Taylor, Alexander, Abner, shadrack, Nancy and Edward. No satisfactory explanation of Israelite aniconism has been advanced, and a number of recent scholars have argued that Yahweh was in fact represented prior to the reforms of Hezekiah and Josiah late in the monarchic period: to quote one recent study, "[a]n early aniconism, de facto or otherwise, is purely a projection of the post-exilic imagination" (Mac Donald, 2007).In the early tribal period each tribe would have had its own patron god; when kingship emerged the state promoted Yahweh as the national god of Israel, supreme over the other gods, and gradually Yahweh absorbed all the positive traits of the other gods and goddesses.Prominent in this group was Baal, who had his home on Mount Zaphon; over time Baal became the dominant Canaanite deity, so that El became the executive power and Baal the military power in the cosmos.

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