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Gotheiner, who was raised in northern Israel as a musician and began dancing in his late teens, arrived in New York in 1978; he’s subsequently absorbed the culture of this country in waves that extend way beyond the dance world.a bit of having cake and eating it too in this 1964 epic’s depiction of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, in which an entrenched and staggeringly outnumbered British outpost endured a relentless attack from the surrounding Zulu nation.The ambience is a little bit speakeasy, a little bit David Lynch.The plot is refracted across ten separate storylines, each anchored around a different character who might at any point beckon you into the hazy darkness backstage. Anderson’s third solo album, Exile in the Outer Ring, released this year, the experimental blend of pop, folk, drone, and noise reaches into the depths of 21st-century American despair.This spacious pop will fit well in Elsewhere’s main room, which features an interactive light installation.

A gifted teacher and recent winner of a Lortel Award for choreographing On the excellent recent album Always Foreign, the lead songwriter of The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, David Bello, is forced to take a long, hard look at what’s going on around us.But as its sound has shifted, the band has maintained its foundational knack for catchy songwriting and absorbing performances, complete with sing-alongs that inspire its teenage fans. beatmaker Mndsgn has been known for his intricate, jazzy productions, along the lines of Flying Lotus.They’ll play here with another So Cal favorite, Wavves, whose bratty garage pop continues to attract a certain brand of disaffected youth. Until last year, that is, when he released Body Wash, an album of productions featuring chilled-out Eighties synths and funky beats.—At 627 5th Avenue in South Slope, Brooklyn, stands a generic, white-brick building, the kind you’d probably never notice if not for the message scrawled in black paint on its side: “Are you curious? This is the home of , an immersive theater production that opened earlier this month and is in residence through November 26.The era, 1930s; the setting, the Menagerie, a jazz club out of which “the Professor” (played by Anthony Logan Cole) and his coterie of misfits operate an underground sideshow full of sins and secrets.Put on by the Brooklyn art collective Alt Esc, No Vacancy features plenty of local favorites, from the Weird internet deep-diver Jacob Ciocci to the multimedia 3-D-printing aficionados MSHR.

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