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During this period she attempts to sabotage John Paul's new relationship with Spike (Tom Vaughan).It was the breakup with John Paul that sent her into a spiral of bulimia and anorexia.The character was reluctant to let John Paul go, until he finally admitted his sexuality, which left her devastated.In hope of reconciliation she remained friends with him.Following the collapse of his relationship with Sarah, Elliot Bevan (Garnon Davies) realised he and Hannah would be better suited.When Hannah decided to run for Student Entertainments Officer, Elliot rigged the vote in her favour.The character's first relationship came when a storyline saw her falling for her classmate John Paul Mc Queen (James Sutton).Their friends at the time Sarah Barnes (Loui Batley) and Craig Dean (Guy Burnet), were also dating and set them up as a couple.

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Justin and Hannah finally get together, but someone burns down the loft with Warren and Hannah in it.

Hannah was furious when she found out but with time they became interested in each other.

They later began dating; however Elliot soon exhibited sexual self-consciousness and avoided confronting the issue by spending more time with her father Neville, with whom he shared an interest in robots and rockets. Hannah later had a brief relationship with a minor celebrity called Matt and Ash Roy (Junade Khan) later tried to win Hannah's affections.

Once sunny and outgoing, tragedy has taken its toll on the character.

Channel 4 publicity commented that the character's storylines are the factors which affected the character's self esteem with putting up with the constant drama revolving around her family, being dumped by her boyfriend, and Grace Hutchinson's death all contributed to her developing the illness bulimia.

Hannah later became much more confident and in control of her life.

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