Who is erica from love and hip hop dating now


Your sanity or the money…that was good but not good enough where you’re going to take my livelihood and twist it around.

On October 30, 2017, VH1 announced Love & Hip Hop: Miami, the Miami-based spin-off of Love & Hip Hop, would make its series premiere on January 1, 2018.Mena spoke with Vlad TV and gave her two cents on the show.Mena appears to think the producers only care about bringing viewers to the show and not enough about the stars.Love and Hip Hop seem never to stay hold on action and drama.It was just yesterday when we heard Erica Mena was going around with a famous rapper. Now the roles have changed, and life has taken a different turn. To be exact, Bow Wow was engaged to Erica, and they were going well until the news about Erica and Trina took its roots. The pair were at a TRAXX girls party this weekend for Pride weekend.As of October 30, 2017, 253 original episodes of Love & Hip Hop have aired over eighteen seasons.

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