Who is david de rothschild dating


NOTE SUNDAY 10/10: I am sorry that I did not get a chance to update this article when I said I would.In the past week I have left home on two different occasions for extremely important meetings, both of which have highly positive ramifications.Former Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries who have sided with the Banking Cabal are now already jumping ship -- and supporting the growing movement toward proper financial management of the Global Accounts around the World.World Governments are coming to understand how the Global Banking System is systematically looting entire economies through theft, fraud, deception and manipulation -- which in turn forces Governments to raise taxes that citizens should not have to pay....I also had one of my most trusted sources independently confirm that the Monaco Accords did take place.When I asked why this was never mentioned before, I was told that until I asked the right questions, revealing that I already knew the answers, nothing could be said. Damage is so extreme there will be no effort to access them. NOTE SUNDAY 10/2: There have been significant new developments, including good intel that as many as six additional bases were destroyed soon after the first two.

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Credible insider source confirms these accounts and adds new information! Part II is mostly finished, but the story is changing faster than we can write it.

All Versions on Indie Bound AN EXCELLENT CLOSING QUOTE Fulford's free website at benjaminfulford.features a letter from an official who is directly involved in the takedown of the Old World Order.

I'd like to end this piece with some great quotes from that letter: meeting between the 57 Finance Ministers from around the world that took place on board a ship off the coast of Monaco is beginning to quietly emerge as a powerful and dynamic shift in Global Economics -- and potentially in Global Politics.

Although the marriage with Luann and Tom didn’t seem to work, it looks like this may be the real thing for him and Anna.

“They’re very in love,” a source said about Rothschild, 52, and D’Agostino’s romance.

This now means that those who, in their arrogance, sought to dominate and control the masses through their subterfuge and fraud, have deluded themselves into a corner -- from where there is now no escape for them.

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