Who is atom araullo dating online dating az


I play football when I can, but that’s not very often.” What part of your body needs improvement? “I could always improve my endurance, which is to say my cardiovascular system. “Four to five hours on the average.” Favorite sleepwear? It comes in handy for many situations, especially in the off-chance of a zombie apocalypse (pop culture reference right here).” What part of your body is most vulnerable? My nemesis is dairy products (I’m lactose intolerant).” What part of your body is your favorite? I want to grow a handlebar mustache one day.” What part of a woman’s body do you notice first? “A healthy appetite.” And what’s in a woman that turns you off? As the host of ABS-CBN's Red Alert, Atom Araullo admitted he is proud of the new Kapamilya show. This kind of discussion has always been relevant anyway pero I hope that we can offer something new.Sa Pilipinas kasi hindi naman tayo estranghero sa mga sakuna.We get visited by a lot of natural calamities, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or man-made disasters like bus accidents, fires, and every time we cover these stories, they are just so many casualties.So for me that's very attractive, somebody who could wear a t-shirt and jeans and look absolutely stunning, parang ganun,” he said.

Ayon sa panayam ng Kapuso Network kay Atom, sinabi nito na excited na siya sa panibagong paglalakbay niya sa kaniyang piniling career.Atom has been so devoted to his work that he must have forgotten to attend to his love life, not having had another girlfriend in five years, never mind if women of all shapes and sizes from all levels of the social ladder are ready, willing and able to, well, you know…(One celebrity is rumored to have tried winning Atom’s attention and affection by sending him, “foods” [as Deniece Cornejo famously put it], to no avail.) You wonder, how does Atom keep a balance between work and personal time (if he has any)?“Honestly, work consumes most of my time these days, including weekends (and encroaching on sleep).This is not a good thing, and I’m still finding ways to live a more balanced life.I try to cheat a little bit by integrating some of my passions in my work flow: Reading, taking pictures, listening to music.People lose their lives and belongings and even though to a certain extent it's unavoidable given the economic condition of a lot of Filipinos, there's still a lot of room to educate people paranaman hindi sila laging nasa alanganin,” he explained. Tuwing tinatanong ako niyan nagbabago yung sagot ko eh, depende sa mood.

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