Who is ashley tisdale dating scott speer was the latest dating site


Earlier in the week, Vanessa was spotted,relaxing at the Verabella Skin Therapy in Beverly Hills,and grocery shopping with Austin and Ashley. Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale Spotted Cali » - Megan Ashley Tisdale spotted Cali lunch hopping with Vanessa Hudgens & her man yesterday.

Though Austin is not featured in this photo,he was spotted pushing Ashley down the isle in a grocery shopping cart at one point,and they all appeared to have a lot of fun together.

If Ashley Tisdale wanted to keep her relationship with Scott Speer quiet, she shouldn't have referred to him as a "hot friend" last week.

She also should have been more careful when swapping spit with the music video director.

Her "hot, good friend," who moved in just days after she announced her breakup with Jared Murillo, has been seen regularly with the 'Tis of late. Ashley Tisdale and her oversized boyfriend, Scott Speer, decided to avoid paparazzi and go for a walk yesterday.

The two now admit that they are dating, but rumors have been flying since they first met when he was directing her music videos.

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Boost Ashley Tisdale’s Spirits After Break Up [polldaddy poll=5799625] » - William Earl Ashley Tisdale has sparked rumors of a blossoming new romance with Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson after the two were snapped together in Los Angeles. A source says, "Ashley was hanging on Martin the entire time. According to Star magazine, the two were spotted at a Robin Thicke concert on 16 December - just one day after her love split hit the headlines. Whatever the case, they decided to hang and go get breakfast yesterday morning after hitting up some yoga action.

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