What factor reduces the accuracy of radiocarbon dating


Nitrogen atoms in the upper atmosphere are bombarded by neutrons produced by cosmic radiation resulting in radioactive carbon (C14) that becomes incorporated into atmospheric carbon dioxide.

While animals inhale and utilize oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants inhale and utilize carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.

When you hear a TV scientist on PBS, or on the History Channel, or on the Discovery Channel, or a teacher in a classroom, saying things like, today, we can accurately measure the age of earthly strata, you should know that what you are listening to is clear falsehood.

It might have started out as more of a little fib than a flagrant lie, but over time it has taken on the respectable aura of clear and overwhelming consensus among the educated elite, world wide.

Most people really don’t understand science; what it is, how it works, what hypotheses and theories are, or even the purpose behind it.

Sadly even those on your school faculty or state Board of Education often need an education themselves before they can be trusted to govern how or what our kids will be taught.

Very old carbon such as found in coal deposits is radioactively dead and useless for carbon dating. So very old things may not be measured at all, and younger things may not be measured with precision.We cannot know with any certainty the age of most of the geological strata that is available to man for viewing.I would still, however tentatively, tend to agree with a given, millions-of-years-old, Earth strata-age that enjoys near unanimous scientific support. Because I can't come up with a better scientific guess than they can, and it's their field, not mine.But such things as the physical optics, color-phase or wave-length of light waves emitted by the observed objects, while they may be quite accurate, have nothing to do with aging earthly material.Smart-Assed Acronym Hover-Link Footnotes: For the convenience of those readers using devises that lack a mouse, these footnotes are provided for all webpages, in case any webpage contains any hover-links.Eventually, every webpage on this site will have the same look and feel as this one. Regards, Vic of 100 decayed K-40 atoms become argon-40, and only one of every 10,000 potassium atoms is the K-40 isotope; fortunately, potassium is one of the most abundant minerals on the Earth’s surface.) The phrase, 11 of 1000 decayed K-40 atoms become argon-40, as mentioned above implies the immediate transformation from K-40 to argon-40.

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