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Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean that your dog shouldn’t enjoy playing outside.Our heated outdoor area provides radiant heat underneath specially constructed K9 grass with hypoallergenic antimicrobial protection.

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My name is Audrey Selaya, Co-Owner of Better K9 training facility in Riverside Ca and proud to announce that my sister, Veronica and I are the new owners of Better K9 Corona formerly known as Camp Ilene.Temperament is also an important consideration on which room is best for your dog.All three spacious playrooms are fully climate-controlled to ensure your dog’s comfort.Each room has a completely separate air handling system, which ensures that the air in each room is exchanged constantly.So even though the dogs are indoors, they are still getting the same fresh air they would if they were outside.Our highly trained team of dog care professionals is: Your dog may just be overdue for a bath or maybe you just want to avoid cleaning them at home.

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