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Our research has been conducted in Venice and outside Venice as well.

In Venice, historical documents are kept in the Marciana Library, Correr Museum, Querini Stampalia Foundation, State Archive and other public and private collections.

A critical revision has been made of all sources in order to reject duplications or exaggerations introduced by late compilations.

Par exemple, la physique et les capacités mécaniques de la glace, ainsi que l'influence des marées, ont été utiles pour interpréter les données.

Notre travail aboutit à une liste complète et révisée des hivers rigoureux dans le nord de l'Italie et permet d’interpréter cette histoire de l’englacement en fonction de la situation météorologique. Patrizia Schenal, Dr Laura Megna, Dr Mirca Sghedoni, Dr Leila Gentile, Dr Lorenza Mettifogo and Dr Luca Fraulini for their contribution in recovering and commenting documentary sources and to Dr Ruthy Gertwagen, Haifa University, and Dr Georges Pichard, Aix-Marseille University, for useful discussions and suggestions.

Thanks are due to the three referees for the careful revision and useful comments.” (the Most Serene Republic).

After the Fourth Crusade (1202-04) with the capture and sack of Constantinople, Venice became an imperial maritime power.

In 1797 the invasion of the Napoleon Army determined the fall of the Venice .

Les sources écrites fournissent des informations de base avant la période instrumentale et rendent possible une classification des rigueurs thermiques hivernales.

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