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They meet for a third time and are formally introduced when Ty helps the Vasquez family move into the Kennish's guest house.

In American Gothic Ty shows up in Mission Hills to deliver Daphne and Regina's mail, which is revealed to be a thinly veiled excuse to see Bay because the mail is junk.

Later that night after getting in yet another fight with her mother, Bay asks for Ty's help putting up a new graffiti tag and they end up talking about "What-Might-Have-Been" if Bay had not been switched at birth.

Ty says the night is the weirdest first date he's been on, and the two end their night with a kiss.

2013's Best Episodes: "This season, [she starts out] depressed for being what she perceives as being cheated on for the third time," Marano tells

She's realizing more that Emmett isn't going to be waiting for her for the rest of her life, and if she does want to get back together, she might need to make a move now because he's going to get tired of waiting.

"It's really what Bay is willing to compromise this season," she continues.

After finding out Ty's pay was docked (preventing him from being able to buy parts to fix his truck) because he couldn't get to work on time because of his truck, Bay goes back to East Riverside with enough money to buy Ty's truck part but he rebuffs the offer, maintaining he is not a charity case that needs "Daddy's money" to bail him out.

Ty later calls Bay saying that he thought he fixed his truck but broke down again on his way the way to Bay's house to apologize for his behavior when Bay offered him the money for his truck.

She's a privileged girl growing up in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Kansas City.

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