Validating forms in dreamweaver Escorts girls chatmodel


In the toolbox that appears, click on the dropdown named “Common” then select the Form option.The form tools will now appear: You can split the code view and the design view into two or work entirely in design view.

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Both the front-end and the back-end are essential for a functional web form.

Not to worry as we can get them all separated by adding a bit of code.

In the code view, place the paragraph tags around each of the labels for the controls. You should also place a closing tag Now, we would like to have the feedback sent to us via email. We will use a piece of PHP script which will make use of the mail() function to send the contents of the feedback form to an email that we specify. The first part of the script is a bit of validations to make sure the form is submitted. Note that the PHP code above redirects to a page after successful form submission. Just make sure that your user gets the message that the form is submitted.

Validation on the server side is necessary in case the user had disabled Java Script on their browser.

It is always good to do validations on the server side as well.

You can also control the input format without using validation by employing menus, lists, check boxes, and radio buttons so that the user has a limited number of choices.

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