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The applications for scholarships will undergo a selection procedure.

We have 31 meeting rooms, which hold up to 240 people.

Such a shared toolset paves the way for deriving general principles on the properties of complex systems across disciplines.

Ultimately, the aim is to derive rules on how the dynamical behaviour of a complex system depends on the combined properties of individual elements, the nature of the interactions between elements, as well as the topology of interactions between elements, in order to understand and predict these systems and control them to have desirable properties.

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A limited number of fee-waiver scholarships and/or travel grants is available for talented students.

As an example, insight into which features of complex systems generate resilience against perturbations versus which properties enhance the sensitivity of the system and allow it to transition to a different equilibrium state is important for a broad range of questions on, for example, climate change, social-political change, disruptive innovations, infectious disease emergence and ecosystem collapse.

We focus on the four key aspects of complex systems examplified above: emergence, resilience, transitions and predictability and control.

For example, a traffic jam is an emerging property of interacting cars on a road that gets busier that cannot be explained even by the most detailed knowledge about how an individual car works or is operated.

In addition, complex systems such as a network of interacting species in an ecosystem, or banks in a financial network, may be robust (stable) against disturbance, but in contrast may also be close to a tipping point (bifurcation) beyond which they fully collapse.

More than 160 researchers perform multidisciplinary fundamental and translation research in relation to various diseases, including cancer and genetic disorders.

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