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In my opinion, the ad would have failed if they had just used, say, 8 or 9 ACTUAL faces and said "detects up to 16 faces".. Human face is a human face; it has a very distinctive shape.

It'd have been equally boring if they had turned the ad into a manual, talking about the technology and how it works, etc. Flowers, twigs, fires or anything else for that matter can't possibly resemble a human face..

Good job man, it reminds me of the landscape paintings in the Renaissance Arts style.

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This ad DID pique my curiosity about this face detecting stuff, and so I googled it!

Upon inserting her Vodafone sim card and as I found out later on, even without a sim card, the above mentioned message appears and I can not proceed to any other menu. Adit I have this problem with my LG Viewty U990 also.

I asked a sales person at all phones who told me to ask Vodafone for a new sim card. The phone was purchased from 3 (now Vodaphone) around 4 years ago and was unlocked just before I moved to TPG (which use Optus) about 2 years ago.

I'm trying to go back to Vodaphone on a prepaid plan but get the 'Insert USIM card' message when I turn on the phone with the Vodaphone prepaid SIM card inserted. The Vodaphone SIM works fine in another phone which currently uses the Vodaphone network.

They are obviously used here for entertainment/engaging purposes..

They may even be viewed as a humorous nod to this new technology.

If I select 'Manual' it will do a search for available networks and then lists a variety of 2G & 3G Vodaphone, Telstra & Optus networks, but only 'YES OPTUS 2G' and 'YES OPTUS 3G' are able to be selected (I'm assuming because it's got the TPG SIM card inserted).

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