Updating tomtom 340 s


Read carefully: For model Nuvi 55/56 Part Number 006-B1697-00 specifically, you need version 3.20 of Garmin software, or older.

@Phyx said in some comment: should be the solution.Before going on with the unlock method and install free maps on Garmin Nuvi 55/56 or Nuvi 65/66 – we do not take any responsibility for bricking or any damage that may occur to your device during the process.The current unlock method features risks that you will have to take.Download this software, copy the exe file in the same folder where the Garmin map is, then run it. Of course, you can opt for buying the official map and classic update for this GPS model – a method that I highly recommend and which will provide a damage-proof functionality of your Garmin Nuvi navigation system.MY original 2006 was perfect but updates became expensive so updated after 2 months stopped working so it was replaced new one intermittently loose satellite signal.Think twice if you are willing to unlock your gps; you may not, under any circumstances, take action against us if the method doesn’t work properly.

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