Updating tables through object views in oracle


Using objects can reduce the need to represent pistons as parts of engines with complicated schemas of multiple tables with primary key-foreign key relationships.An object can have other objects as attributes, and the attribute objects can have their own object attributes too.SQL and various programmatic interfaces and languages, including PL/SQL, Java, Oracle Call Interface, Pro*C/C , OO4O, and C# have been enhanced with extensions to support Oracle objects.The result is an object-relational model that offers the intuitiveness and economy of an object interface while preserving the high concurrency and throughput of a relational database. For example, you can specify an object type as the data type of a column in a relational table, and you can declare variables of an object type.You can have object attributes of a collection type in addition to columns of a collection type.

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phone); END; END; / A variable of an object type is an instance of the type, or an object.

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