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For example, a Front Page 97 client can open and edit a Front Page web from a Web server that has the Front Page 98 Server Extensions installed, with no loss of functionality in the Front Page 97 client.

However, the client will not be able to access new Server Extensions functionality added for the Front Page 98 client, such as applying themes to a Front Page web or creating and saving a Front Page web structure.

Note You must be an NT system administrator to install the Front Page Server Extensions.

Safari 9 was released shortly after that last post on 30/9/15. I didn’t submit anything about my workaround to Apple, so someone either passed it on to Apple or someone at Apple read the post.

She also demonstrates how to tweak an existing template to work with Joomla!

Upgrading the Server Extensions Installing the Front Page Server Extensions on Windows Installing the Front Page Server Extensions on UNIX Installing the HTML Administration Forms This topic describes installing the Front Page Server Extensions on a Web server machine.

With which, came the expected “A bout the security content of Safari 9″ article. There are two main changes affecting Safari Extensions that came in with Safari 9.0 & these are dealt with in the following two sections.

(The starting formatted text in each section are taken from the What’s New In Safari 9 developer documentation).

I’ve blogged a few times about how to not only create, but also deploy & update “Safari Extensions”.

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