Updating ipod for


Start by taking an inventory of the apps you have installed on your device and uninstalling anything you haven't used in the last couple of months.

Apple first announced i OS 9, the mobile operating system that runs on the i Phone, i Pod Touch, and i Pad lineups.

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You’d think Apple would enable its new music service across its entire line of music players, but that brings me to my next point…

I know plenty of people are going to disagree with this, given that the i Pods were updated at all, but hear me out. The 8MP camera and A8 processor in the i Pod touch is more than welcome, but the device is still far from being on par with the i Phone.

Yes, Apple upgraded the line, beefing up the i Pod touch hardware and coating the i Pod nano and i Pod shuffle in new color options, but in 2015 odds are you can save money or at least spend it more wisely than on an i Pod.

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