Updating columns on house


Today, I want to share the details of this project.

When we first looked at our house 7 years ago all I saw was wrought iron vines and grapes.

Clean and smooth, modern and slick, columns are the best and most sophisticated way to greet your guests.

Our friends at Home Depot recommended this product to resurface the porch.Despite my claim that the front porch would be the first to go, it took us 7 years.Part of the reason it took so long was the job felt overwhelming to us.We then attached each board by drilling into the neighboring board. We actually still need to add the trim on the bottom.We caulked and painted and then stood back and admired our work.I collected some of my favorite ideas on how to update a flat front Colonial here. bumping out the front for a second story jut out over a front porch.

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