Updating bsd system


This document aims to cover the most frequently asked questions concerning the Ghost BSD operating system.Although originally intended to reduce bandwidth and avoid the same old questions being asked over and over again, FAQs have become recognized as valuable information resources. "DPorts" ================================ Dragon Fly Ports is a derivative of Free BSD's Ports Collection.It serves the same purpose for Dragon Fly as the Ports Collection does for Free BSD, which is to provide instructions on how to build software on Dragon Fly BSD.

Though it still has check in addition to pkgcheck, so if it's all supposed to be packages now, I don't know where check fits in.It is suggested to use the official pre-built binaries instead.However, in the case the binaries have a undesirable option selection or a bug that is fixed in the sources, then building the DPort from source is the only option.In practice, ports may build only on the dev branch of Dragon Fly, so the older the release is, the more DPorts that won't build (only the two 2 releases are checked). Please report generic issues (those that affect Free BSD and Dragon Fly) at: https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/ Please report Dragon Fly-specific issues here: https://github.com/Dragon Fly BSD/DPorts/issues/ If you are confident in a Dragon Fly-specific fix, please initiate a Github Pull Request here: https://github.com/Dragon Fly BSD/Delta Ports Note that since DPorts is generated, Github Pull Requests against DPorts can not be accepted.Only the Delta Ports overlay or the Free BSD ports base can be modified.The last working DPort will remain in place until a manual fix is provided that allows the Free BSD update to work on Dragon Fly as well.

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