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Accordingly, the free Last Pass 4.0 has a bold new online interface, and its new features include a Sharing Center to manage shared passwords and Emergency Access to hand down your passwords to your heirs.These new features put the free Last Pass ahead of even many of its for-pay You can use many commercial password managers for free if you accept substantial limitations.On the flip side, if you need to remember the password and can accept a security hit, the Make Pronounceable option gives you passwords like ogypropoitio or morefesticku.When you do sign up for a new account, Last Pass captures your credentials, and it offers to update its saved password when you make a change.Even so, I'd be inclined to stick with the master password.During installation, Last Pass offers to slurp up passwords stored insecurely in your browsers.Some, like Robo Form Everywhere 7, limit you to 10-15 passwords before you must pay.Others, like Dashlane 3, are free as long as you stick to one device, no syncing. You'll be prompted to either sign in to an existing account or sign up for a new one.

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Last Pass itself suggests folders for well-known sites.

True Key by Intel Security defaults to generating 16-character passwords using all possible character types.

Most users won't bother to change the defaults, so they'll get less-secure passwords from Last Pass.

Sometimes you'll run across a website that uses a weird login page, something that Last Pass doesn't capture automatically.

Like Robo Form and Sticky Password Premium, Last Pass can handle these.

It also deletes the passwords from unsafe storage and turns off the browser's password capture.

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