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Since Medical Park Group of Hospitals adopted the principle "let healthy and athletic generations raise", we support not only major sport clubs of Turkey, but also many sport branches in Anatolia.

At current stage of Turkish healthcare sector, hospitals are completely obliged to affiliate with universities.

Medical Park Group of Hospitals, possessing 21 hospitals and one medical center all around Turkey, make firm steps based on the belief that affiliation will make positive contributions to both hospitals and universities.

First affiliation is concluded between Medical Park İzmir Hospital and İzmir University, and next, similar affiliations are set between Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complext and School of Medicine, Bahçeşehir University and between Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital and School of Medicine, Kemerburgaz University.

Medical Park Group of Hospitals aims searching for affiliation opportunities for other hospitals.

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Bundan böyle hastanelerde uzun sıralar beklemenize gerek yok."Carrying our hospital business approach compatible with international quality standards to all cities of Turkey in fully and well equipped facilities with strict concordance to patient rights and no sacrifice from deontological principles" is the core of managerial philosophy of Medical Park Group of Hospitals.Healthcare services are offered at Medical Park Group of Hospitals by well qualified and experienced doctors and physicians, experienced healthcare practitioners at healthcare facilities, which are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices.We started out in Turkish Healthcare sector with the motto "healthcare for all" in 1993.We are advancing forward confidently in a journey, we set out with principle "leading a healthy life and equal access to healthcare services are primary right for everyone".Soru ve sorunlarınız için [email protected] adresimizi kullanarak bize ulaşabilirsiniz.

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