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Bathrooms in working-class homes were not commonplace until the 1920s.

Total of 9 BD, 7BA study room and large penthouse level w/full bath and kitchen.

The Public Health Act 1848, the death of over 10,000 Londoners between 18 from cholera and the “Great Stink of London” of 1858 forced the Government (who can blame them, they were sitting right next to its source) to commission a new sewerage system to take the waste away from the Thames and off the streets.

By 1866 and with thanks to engineer Joseph Bazalgette, most of London was connected to a sewer network, which diverted the foul water to treatment works.

As people flocked to the cities living conditions were cramped and unsanitary.

Well, for the majority there was no such thing as a bathroom.

The rich, had a pumped water supply and servants to carry the heated water from the kitchen.

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