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Each territorial entity of the Russian Federation has such national identity attributes as a flag, an emblem and an anthem.

The motto of the Ulyanovsk region helps regional attributes be more complete, supplementing and explaining the official emblem.

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Our local city pages for internet dating member directories are definitely a popular choice for men and women seeking romantic dates.State language: Russian Governor: Sergey Morozov Chairman of the Legislative Assembly: Bakaev Anatoliy (Aleksandrovich) Administrative and territorial structure: Urban districts - 3 Municipal areas - 21 Urban settlements - 31 Rural settlements - 112.Geography The Ulyanovsk region is located in the center of the Middle Volga, in the southeast of the European part of Russia.Through the region run air-, railway and automobile communications in all directions within Russia, as well as international airlines, connecting the Volga Region with Europe, Middle Asia, Middle East and China.There are two river ports in Ulyanovsk on both sides of the Volga.Thus, the economy is characterized by a high degree of industrial development.

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