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This tactic is pure magic, you simply dominate almost every single match, and yes you still loose a few, but is due to bad luck or red cards. And now some feedback from other users: Top of the table on Jesseh's test league: did my usual tactic test and it was by far the best one. 4-make no team talks (I'm in charge of team talks, but say nothing to avoid getting bad/good influence to the tactic). Atw/edit#gid=0 I have already tested with Watford, Stoke and Spurs.The theme of the latest DWC will be “back to basics”, meaning we’re going to scrap everything from the previous contests and make this one as accessible to everyone as it possibly can be, this means…* Any brand or style of jeans can enter.* There will be no weight categories, just one contest fits all.* All entered jeans must have only 30 wears or less on day 1 of the contest.* Speaking of day 1, the contest will begin on 01/11/17 and run for the standard 24 months to 01/11/19.* The contest will be purely forum based, on both Superfuture and the Iron Heart forum only.* Registration is open now, and will close 31/10/17.* Registration fee for the contest will be a flat , payable via Paypal to [email protected]* Upon registration you will be issued an entry number to validate your participation.* The entry fee will be used to purchase prizes from our favourite brands and retailers for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.* Prizes will be announced as soon as possible after registration is complete.* Once again we have something quite special planned with our friends at Iron Heart for contest jeans.* Our judging panel is currently TBD.FORUM is published three times a year in Spring, Summer and Autumn, those three issues constituting one volume.

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Download agenda Download the minutes from the last meeting Join us and participate in the upcoming UK Forum Summer Meeting, and learn about Control Point's quality assurance system that combines technology and expertise to ensure pipelines are built right first time, every time. Project Zero Leakage – How Thames Water are guaranteeing zero leakage networks, and saving money.I lost to man city first game 1-0 but I should easily scored.... Now the league and cups are a formality so I am curious to see how well I do in CL!I personally think its frustrating trying these tactics on here and finding that playing as celtic or rangers just doesn't seem to work, obviously due to the fact we just are not as good as the man city, juventus and barca's etc most of these tactics are tested with.You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. I've explained it a couple of times but for those that don't know how I test tactics here it goes: My usual method to fast test a tactic in TFF's Tactic Testing League(v2): 1-actually play every match as I DON'T TRUST INSTANT RESULT/SIMULATE MATCH.. There are few others were also tested and given their feedback in chicken wing thread. It is like watching Atletico choking opponents with their 442. While protecting a lead, I change WBs from Attack to Defend. And change Wingers instructions from stay narrow to stay wider.

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