Tyler perry and taraji henson dating artifact dating

The same night, Wilma sings "The Need to Be", an uplifting song for women, and Tanya (Mary J.Blige), the nightclub bartender, sings "I Can Do Bad".When he is in the tub, April threatens to electrocute him with a plugged-in radio.

Sandino tells April of his childhood as a child laborer and explains that he loves the children so much because he sees himself in them.

Jennifer tells April that she should recognize Sandino as a good man.

Eventually, Sandino returns and April apologizes to him and admits that she loves him like a friend.

When Randy arrives, he sees April with the kids and Sandino and heckles him while making subtle advances at Jennifer.

Shortly afterward, Pastor Brian and Wilma (Gladys Knight), a church member, come to inform April that her mother died from a fatal brain aneurysm while riding on a bus.

After hearing the children’s troubles, Madea welcomes and feeds them.

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