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Regardless of whether you're single, in a long-term relationship, engaged or married, it doesn't matter.

Your love life is a depiction of these transitions, and that is entirely okay.

I personally enjoy a pretty face first and foremost, for example ...

I absolutely guarantee you that no matter what you look like, there is a man out there right now that thinks you are hot (even if you are built like a buffalo or a rhinoceros ...

which I, personally, would find disgusting - just FYI).

What Mid-40s Men Want in a Woman I surveyed a number of my good midlife male friends over the past several weeks - trying to figure out what most men our age REALLY WANT in a woman. Now I'm 43, and most of my close friends are between 40 and 45 or so ... In other words, what you are about to see transcends educational levels and professions ...

Not everything centered around breast size - although that did come up quite a bit. the others are contractors, real estate agents, some work in aerospace/defense, the legal profession, etc.

It may suck to get your ass kicked romantically, but it will serve as a valuable lesson to never settle for less than you deserve.

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