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I’m sure most of you know what speed dating is but I’ll go over a few of the rules.

You get a number and get a little piece of epic paper and pencil to jot down the number of others.

Imagine coming across someone on one of the many apps that’s literally the complete opposite of what you want, normally you just swipe left or ignore.

Well you can’t, just gotta sit through it and humour their excitement for bikes or the Conservative party, or Labour if you flow that way.

I'll be back." So for three minutes (felt like three years) I sat all alone, thinking, Then, IT' S THREE MINUTES! I thought this was unnecessary, but I majorly regret leaving everyone blank as I hadn't the foggiest idea which guy was which when it came to marking a Y or a N against their name.

In Japanese, Aiseki means “sharing a table,” particularly with someone you don’t know. It was established with the goal of giving people a place to meet potential and the only guy friends I have are single for a reason.So unless I want to become a farmer's wife, it's slim pickings.You then visit a table occupied by a lady of mystery for 4 minutes, after 4 minutes you count your losses and move on to the next 4 minute adventure.It’s an awesome way to meet and talk to new people without having to worry about the awkward initiation of asking someone “if they visit here often” when you’ve obviously been tracking their move for the last week.Best example I can give is I once scored a date with a lady that if some of my amazing asshole friends saw her, I would be heckled with words like , just to elaborate I’m not a horror to behold, she was just that hot.

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