Tral liquidating

10, The Nation of Zimbabwe's announced return to the gold standard was an honors gesture given to original human beings (Africans) by the Elders. ZIM Bond Notes represent collateral holding claims against the entire wealth of the entire African Union because the ZIM currency will ultimately be placed in the IMF's Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket of global reserve currencies (in lieu of the South African Rand). Preparations are being taken so that no one has any problems. We will also be introduced to a new private Bank division that only handles people with billions and more. If everything goes according to tomorrow at pm OT Aug. 21), then we should start to see the calls and payment as soon as Mon. Long standing US wars since 9/11 in both Afghanistan and Iraq have been minimized to complete military removal consideration. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of GESARA's announcement. The interim government will cancel all national emergencies and return us back to Constitutional law. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups. High reveals, We are not at a period of time where we are valuing one store of wealth, Bitcoin against a store of debt, the dollar. There are people coming in and out of the crypto space based on the degrading levels of confidence in the U. The curve is being led by all the people as they lose confidence in all of the fiat currencies. On charges things like Bitcoin are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, High rebuts, We are at a flux point where one system is dying off and we are just about to head into the other one. Both the dollar and the banks are doomed, and I am not messing with those. the structure of the central banks so silver and gold could break loose. The rocket shot on that will be staggering, but bear in mind I am the Internets worst silver forecaster. When the dollar dies, the corruption and crime will be revealed. 12, All sovereign currencies of the world will eventually be placed into the same SDR basket as that is how the original 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement was negotiated in exchange for the 11 million metric tons loan of gold bullion from the Asian Elders. 21, 2017 and completed a ten year grace or transition period that went back to Aug. F, TNT Chat Ray Ren98: TNT CHAT, 1, PAY YOUR TAXES. Illegal Mexican and Canadian boarders to to America have nearly completely shut down for all drug traffickers. On going violence on the Ukrainian boarder with Russia has been simmered. 18 2017 pm EDT GESARA Update: "20 Answers" - GESARA Update - Thursday - November 3, 2016 1. When it is publicly announced at the United Nations in New York City, GESARA will be implementing the following changes: a. Abolishes the IRS, with employees of the IRS transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area. Creates a 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. We are, instead, looking at an episode of hyperinflation. As we go into that transition, this point of time we are in right now is where all of this is coming up, all the froth, all of the corruption globally, because we cant pay for it any more with dying dollars. We have to have good solid money, and we are developing it on our own because the sovereigns failed us. Where does Clif see Bitcoin going in the hyperinflation we are heading into? I always thought cryptos would have to break out first in order to upset . I have had silver at 0 per ounce in our data since 2003. And he predicts by early February, gold will be at ,800 per ounce and silver will be around 0 per ounce. The elites are fearful because they cant control crypto currencies, and they cant suppress them. C, Highlights of the feel good calls The Big Call & Philip Tilton's Intel 1, Over the last nine days around the world there have been 89,400 exchanges made that were given full liquidity. D,"GCR Heads Meeting 8/25/2017 in Jackson Hole": "RV News: Has Anyone Else Seen this? 21 Bloomberg News stated that the Presidents of Iraq, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, HSBC Bank, WF, and B of A would be meeting at Jackson Hole this Friday the 25th." E, "Clay" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - August 25, 2017 Aug. 18 2017 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "APTB" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - August 18, 2017 1. Practice being gracious and look like you know how to have money. ◦ "I am here to do a currency exchange." ◦ "Would you be kind enough to give me the rates?2, This week in the US there was several private exchanges with liquidity, but all had a 24 hr hold (as a settlement period). 4, Bruce's opinion: Once we hear that SKR groups have gone, Core groups would go liquid (ledger to ledger). 24 Thursday's latest Intel: 1, The end of August has always been the desired release period because it's the slowest trading / banking time of the year. Releases unprecedented prosperity with enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines. Eliminates all current and future nuclear powered weaponry on planet earth. What's interesting about the whole Trump phenomena is how planned it all is behind the scenes. When they negotiated the Cabal's surrender after the global economy collapse back in 2009, Henry Kissinger agreed with the Ancient Powers That Be (new term APTB) that all Cabal mechanisms of global control would be dismantled slowly as not to radically upset the human population. It's taken just under two years to eliminate ISIS in the Middle East; and it's taken seven years to replace all illegal forms sovereign government. " ◦ Verify the rate at which you will be transacting.8, Neutralizing measures have been applied to misinformation agents and actors of chaos worldwide, especially latent hidden hand operatives awaiting activation instructions in coordination to halt the event. 19 2017 Admin: From Zurich Dear Customers, Since many of you have heard that redemption has begun, I guess I can say "Yes he did at 6 pm last night (Aug. Privacy and security is really important, especially since some of us have never had more than 00 in one account at a time. In less than two years ISIS has been systematically eliminated. Even the UN Security Council voted 14-0 (USA abstained - an affirmative vote) in favor of a two state solution with Palestine for the first time in its history. Bloody militants gang and third party terrorist group wars in Africa, South and Latin Americas have all been toned down. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation. High uses what he calls predictive linguistics to spot trends and make predictions for future events. We have demonstrable proof that the managers of the dollar are very bad at it.9, Superior security measures have been installed to stand guard against potential energetic disruptions a la another 9/11 type terrorist attack. 18)." So what happens now is the Paymasters who will oversee the money transfer through ledger to ledger-is sending the money to the Sub Paymasters, which is about 2000 of them. Some of us have no idea how to handle large sums of money either. The Yemen war with Saudi Arabia has been reduced to a dull lions roar. With the latest price spikes in so-called blockchain type crypto currencies, what does Clif High see with his latest Internet mining report? So, we are at a global currency reset at this point. There will be no G-7 central bank meeting that will be meaningful because these individuals are behind the curve. Lots of people understand this, and they want out of the dollar and into something else.

Child Abuse; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," 21 2017 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report Yosef: "Collision" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - August 21, 2017 1.

Note by D C, Obama was the perfect candidate to infiltrate the Cabal.

This is why the Sirian Commander chose to take control of Obama during his presidency. As for the RV, every bank and central banker in the world is on board, signed up, trained and ready for the rush of off ledger cash to come on ledger via personal spending habits. The 1944 global collateral master accounts located in the Philippines have been converted into the new system as of midnight plus one minute EDT Aug.

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Not paying and under paying could have wealth ending results.

Because it's disappearing literally and figuratively. 2, Do you know why the Elders are giving the common man so much? Vaccinations are being re-engineered first to ultimately be removed permanently. Your held currency is changing or revaluing as well, transitioning in a same manner. Long ago Treasury Debit Account (TDAs) trust accounts were created by the Cabal's US Inc. "I had a long term investment that finally came through" is simple enough.

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