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Jack & Jill, August 14, 2015: we will be on the beach south of the Riu hotels from the 9th sept, my wife likes to go for long naked walks all along the beach, She is quite shy, but I think she gets excited when males are viewing her, although she denies it to me. Male 46, and 90 kg and a very beautiful and thin wife 44, and 60 kg. Weather permitting we will be on the nudist sunbeds or in the Dunes. , October 20, 2015: Hi booked for a week staying at coralejo.I would like us to have some fun in the rock circles while someone watches or joins in, maybe another guy or a couple. , August 21, 2015: Hi, we're a sympatic young Czech couple (30 33 yo) and we will be in Morro Jable with our child. Been nude on beach few years ago, have no problem hope wife will go.The best spots to watch any frivolous and sexual activities were at the steep coast north of Jandia.As far as we know, there are now new hotels and holiday apartments at these places, so this location doesn't seem to be attractive these days.

this will be our first time so looking for a couple or younger guy to hang out with during our stay. It would be great to meet people that like to have fun in the watch you. X (emails welcome) , May 18, 2015: We will be in Fuerteventura 17-24 Oct.Friendly handsome males may also watch, join in if ok with partner.We'll be in the corallitos south of the Riu hotels all day.Then another guy turned up and they both started wanking while we put on a show for them, i finally had to tell her as i was bursting and she got a bit embarrassed but let me carry on as i told her these guys were looking right up her pussy, she was wet through, but eventually said we should stop as she was worried about someone reporting us, much to the guys dismay ! 20 minutes later 2 guys turned up and offered but the mood had gone. fun in Fuerteventura, May 30, 2014: Hi, will be on the beach outside of Corralejo for a week, hoping to introduce my shy wife to some dogging activity in one of the rock circles, if there are any singles or couples there at the same time please let us know.Later that night she admitted that she was quite tuned on by it and maybe we should have another go the next day but the weather was crap, sadly that was our last day, but we have done nothing but talk about it and are gonna go back for another go... There are plenty of voyeurs to entertain which is what my wife gets off on. We were in Corralejo last May and entertained a voyeur in the nudist part of the beach. , August 14, 2014: My wife and I are staying at the grand natura hotel in August , we would love to meet some other couples or even single that would share a bunker in the dunes mutual masturbation, sex or just hedonistic fun. please mail us sexybabe, April 13, 2015: Hi going to Las Marismas de Corralejo on 5th of june for 10 nights.My wife and i enjoy sex there and have watched other couples engaged in sexual activity.

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