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Jessica continues to have her recurring dream, and eventually learns the boy’s name is Jackson and he’s waiting for her in Hawaii.

Then Danny Porter comes in all smiley and annoying and Claire blushes and gets really quiet. On Thursday, Jean tells Claire she has a date and that she’s really nervous about it.Claire says she has a date the next night, her first date since moving to Sweet Valley, and she’s nervous, too.They decide to go shopping after school to boost each other up. Liz starts getting questionnaires back and finds that most of the boys listed “looks” as the most important thing when hunting for potential girlfriends.They compare letters and find he wrote the exact same thing to each of them.Jean is angry, but like a good Sweet Valley girl, she’s mostly angry with herself for being so stupid.The moral of the story: It’s okay for a boy to mess with your head and act like a complete jackass as long as he apologizes afterward.

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