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Upon finding that Annabeth was a demigod, Luke and Thalia agreed that she could run away with them and Luke promised that he wouldn't let anything hurt her and they would become a better family than her old family.

Luke gave Annabeth a bronze knife, which he got from Halcyon Green, so she would be able to protect herself with something better than a hammer for monster slaying.

He would occasionally ask her to return home, but Annabeth always refused.

Her father then sent her his Harvard college ring, in hopes that she would remember him by it, and be convinced to come home.

Every time a new camper came to Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth wondered if they were "the one," because Chiron told her that she would have a part to play in the Great Prophecy.Strangely, three years later, Annabeth said that she did not know the whole prophecy, but she may have lied to Percy to protect him after being told to do so by Chiron.During these three years, Annabeth would talk to her father via letters, as phones were too dangerous for a demigod. Chase (step-mother) Matthew Chase and Bobby Chase (half-brothers) Athena's Cabin members (half-siblings) Magnus, Emma and Aubrey Chase (cousins) Randolph Chase (uncle) Natalie Chase (aunt)The Lightning Thief (film) The Sea of Monsters (film) The Titan's Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Demigod Files The Last Olympian The Ultimate Guide The Lost Hero The Son of Neptune The Demigod Diaries The Mark of Athena The Son of Sobek (Mentioned) The House of Hades The Staff of Serapis Percy Jackson's Greek Gods (mentioned) The Blood of Olympus The Crown of Ptolemy The Sword of Summer The Hidden Oracle (mentioned) The Dark Prophecy (mentioned) Camp Half-Blood Confidential The Hammer of Thor The Ship of the Dead Annabeth Chase is a seventeen-year-old Greek demigod, the daughter of Athena and Frederick Chase, and the cousin of Norse demigod Magnus Chase.She is the head counselor of Athena's cabin and the architect of Olympus.After escaping, Thalia and Luke heard a noise coming from it and investigated the sound.

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