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Some were busy in other cities or states.“All the girls said they come to Terre Haute because they haven't been arrested here before,” Tompkins said of those contacted online.

“They are getting hit in Kokomo and Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, so they are traveling here to work.”But as the sting operation showed, THPD is now alert to the problem.

Last season, Ballou swapped the lead with Thomas Meseraull numerous times with each exchanging sliders back-and-forth before Ballou surged ahead with eight laps left to score the victory and become just the third driver to win the race in consecutive years, joining Steve Butler in 19 as well as Levi Jones in 20.

However, Chris Windom has the hot-hand right now at Terre Haute.

But the Terre Haute Police Department put a dent in the local sex-for-money industry Friday night when “Operation Back Page to Front Page” played out with the arrests of five people involved in prostitution arranged online, and the rescue of a minor allegedly being trafficked to the Kentucky Derby.

However, no driver has ever won the “Hulman Classic” three years in a row.The meetings were set up via phone and text messaging, Tompkins said.In the case of the juvenile, the two adults with her dropped the teenager off in the hotel parking lot, and briefly tried to escape the area when police closed in.He said he asked Acting Police Chief Shawn Keen and received permission to set up a series of sting operations.“It was a way to give the detectives something different to do other than work property crimes, arsons and burglaries,” Tompkins said.The objective of Operation Back Page to Front Page was for an undercover officer to contact and meet people in the ads, be propositioned by a prostitute, and then make an arrest. An area motel agreed to allow surveillance and recording equipment to be set up in a room where a decoy waited for the suspected prostitute to arrive and offer sex in exchange for money.One of the women arrested for prostitution told police she has a heroin addiction, Tompkins said.

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