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The skimpy outfit also showed off her toned arms and shoulders and super slim physique.The hem started above the knee on one side and sloped asymmetrically across her body while a long sash fell to the floor from the back of the frock's halter neck.Helping him in his quest is Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), a friend with endless, sometimes outrageous opinions, a penchant for suits and a foolproof way to meet women.When Ted meets Robin (Cobie Smulders), he's sure it's love at first sight, but destiny may have something else in store.Wright wore her blonde bobbed hair with the fringe pulled back from her face.Her locks were blown out for volume and she tucked one side behind her ear.

Another consequence about the skyrocketing crime is that stores are closing left and right.The only mall nearby to Berkeley — Hilltop Mall in Richmond — is hemorrhaging money because of the rampant crime. Rumors are that Macy’s, who has been cutting back hours, may be next.In fact, it is possible that the whole mall may close — leaving one of the richest areas in the country (Berkeley, Oakland, etc.) without a retail mall!Yet, most retail workers around here are non-white people . and don’t progressives supposedly care so much about them?But instead, laws are liberalized by those very same liberals.A Lucky’s store had so many armed robberies, with injuries, that they got permission to hire an armed guard. While I was there, the manager was frantically calling the police.

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