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Prototype: “Strategy, Platforms, Process” (a proposal on how to make it all happen) The three stages of this project always remains at a development stage and are never taken into actual production, allowing students to focus on the process rather than on the polish of a finished outcome.This also allows them to work with ideas that may not be practical to actually execute, encouraging them to be more ambitious, investigative and inventive.

This first year course teaches the practical operation of a 3D graphics program used throughout the degree.

At this point you will also get the opportunity to dive simultaneously into traditional techniques and cutting edge motion design.

This unit seeks to provide some of the fundamental skills needed to help visualise ideas and to translate them into representations in 2D and 3D.

Bringing a character to life involves more than just technical ability.

JMC Academy’s 3D Animation course will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and deep critical and creative thinking needed to excel in this dramatically expanding area.

Builds on Production Art I to take the design and concepting process to a much more detailed and exhaustive level.

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