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Please see recommended streaming setups to find out which encoders we recommend.There are several types of cameras that are the most commonly used and the easiest to use for streaming to Ustream: If you use our Web Broadcaster or Ustream Producer, both of these encoding programs should automatically recognize your built-in webcam or any USB-connected cameras. This camera usually costs less than 0 USD and has great HD quality.

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Jennifer Larino covers consumer news, residential real estate, weather, parenting and family, and other aspects of life in New Orleans for | The Times Picayune. There's automatic low light compensation for poor lighting conditions, full 1080p HD resolution, stereo audio and an adjustable mount.It's PC and Mac compatible, has a smooth autofocus and is built to the high standard you'd expect from Logitech kit.With USB, Analog and HDMI cables you can only go about 20 feet (maybe up to 50 feet in ideal conditions) before you start to run the risk of video image quality loss or interference.With SDI cables, you can do much longer cable runs without fear of interference.It also supports background removal, making it ideal for budding You Tubers.

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