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The There are two likely ways you will look for information.

If your question is general, for example ‘How is New Zealand governed?

Then follow descriptions of each of the constituent sectors, ending with a chapter on public sector finances.In addition, there are a number of articles scattered throughout the book celebrating the lives of famous New Zealanders and recalling the events that shaped New Zealand as we know it today.The new century also brings change for the will be published as a book every two years.First among them are those who generously supplied us with information.At last count there were around 400 contributors whose goodwill supplied the bulk of this was produced by the Publishing and Library Services Division of Statistics New Zealand, with the assistance of many individuals and organisations — these are listed in the ‘Contributors’ section at the end of each chapter.Sometimes this rounding results in tables with totals which disagree slightly with the total of the individual items shown.

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