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Lang Elliott (Stokes Guides, etc.) developed a special hearing device for lowering the frequencies to a better level for those with high-frequency hearing loss.

I know he and a few other birders I know are using this, to great results.

Raptor Observations: ----Raptors seen, but deemed not to be migrating: 1-Red-shouldered Hawk, 4-Red-tailed Hawk, and numerous Black (50) and Turkey Vultures (70). So, you WILL have to forgive me, but I AM going to have the ultimate fun with what remains of this life! I was fresh out of hands for those something would have had to give. Maria & Elias sure can see clearly, each with their new binoculars. Hell, I even considered hopping in the car and driving south! Sally at Brandywine Creek State Park and Dave at Ashland, had both seen the same sort of action.

----Bald Eagle ages: 1 yr.-1; 2 yr.-0; 3 yr.-0; 4 yr.-0; adult-0 ----Golden Eagle ages: Imma.-1; adult-0 Non-raptor Observations: ----BUCKTOE BIRD BLOG (BBB) - (Comments on the events & feel of the day read on, if you dare) We see birds, many of them hawks; encounter other wildlife; discuss plants; while striving to laugh and have FUN with it all! TODAYS BBB: ---Just Chillin--- There I was, a blueberry bagel (with berry cream cheese) and a cup of field brew occupying both hands just chillin (key word, here), when todays first late bird a House wren began scolding by our feeders. Lets see bagel and coffee on one side of the equation; House Wren on the other. They just cant see their way to changing their clocks to not be an hour early for CRITICAL things like Sundays bird walk! You dont want to be the last rat to leave a sinking ship, right? This one an abrupt end at , with raindamn the luck. But Ill just bet they didnt see what happened next.

What we dont want is the general public just wandering around aimlessly with their own agenda whatever that might be.Or information on hearing aids designed for birders? Michael Delaware County Pat heard about 10 Tundra swans fly over east of our house this morning at .They were heading towards a notch in Chestnut Ridge, which is the direction we typically see them heading towards in the fall. Amy Henrici reporting for Pat Mc Shea Also, just now according to facebook police cleared the median where people were viewing.Still, we get some of that, though we endeavor to discourage it when encountered. There we were, huddled in my van against the cold wind and driving rain with the heat temporarily on, chilled to the core.(That word - chill - will become important later in the story.) The temperature was 48 degrees - the definition of raw.Zach On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at PM, Zachary Millen wrote: Southern Chester County Hawk Watch at Bucktoe Creek Preserve Avondale, Pennsylvania, USA Daily Raptor Counts: Nov 07, 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Species Day's Count Month Total Season Total ------------------ ----------- -------------- -------------- Black Vulture 0 0 0 Turkey Vulture 63 195 463 Osprey 0 0 123 Bald Eagle 1 21 276 Northern Harrier 0 5 38 Sharp-shinned Hawk 25 129 917 Cooper's Hawk 7 33 305 Northern Goshawk 0 0 0 Red-shouldered Hawk 47 62 108 Broad-winged Hawk 0 0 10649 Red-tailed Hawk 8 36 171 Rough-legged Hawk 0 0 0 Golden Eagle 1 2 3 American Kestrel 0 2 190 Merlin 0 0 25 Peregrine Falcon 0 0 6 Unknown Accipiter 0 0 5 Unknown Buteo 0 0 6 Unknown Falcon 0 0 0 Unknown Eagle 0 0 0 Unknown Raptor 0 0 0 Total: 15 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Observation start time: Observation end time: Total observation time: 6 hours Official Counter: Larry Lewis Observers: Kathleen Pileggi Visitors: THE LAND CONSERVANCY FOR SOUTHERN CHESTER COUNTYS HAWK WATCH AT BUCKTOE CREEK PRESERVE Visitors (2): Kathleen Pileggi Thanks everyone, for coming to beautiful Bucktoe Creek Preserve!

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